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Apple Developer Conference WWDC 2022


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Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC will be held from June 6-10. The conference will be held today at 20:00 Turkish time.

At the conference, the company announced new operating systems, including iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS. He shared various content and initiatives related to the latest updates that are expected to showcase their system versions. Another operating system expected to be introduced this year is RealityOS, which is said to be Apple’s mixed reality glasses operating system.
Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, known for his accurate predictions about Apple, shared new information about iOS 16, watchOS 9 and iPadOS 16, which will be introduced at WWDC 2022. changes. According to Gürman, the iOS 16 operating system will have many new features, especially in health monitoring and notifications. Let us remind you that the general design of the iOS operating system has not changed much since iOS 7. Gürman said that the interface design of the iOS 16 operating system will not undergo the long-awaited major changes.


What’s new to be introduced at WWDC 2022

At WWDC 2022, new versions of Apple’s operating systems iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS are expected to be introduced. It is also speculated that a new MacBook Air will be introduced. The MacBook Air 2022 model, which is expected to be introduced, is also expected to take its power from the new generation M2 processor, which will be produced by Apple. Another innovation to be introduced is RealityOS, which will be the operating system of Apple’s mixed reality glasses, as we mentioned above.

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