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Volunteering for the environment. Public health impact


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Every donation is a helping hand when individuals engage with the community, friends and family, or participate in environmental volunteering projects. In this article, we’ll talk about what environmental volunteerism is, how you can get involved, and the many ways iProket can be used to enhance these experiences.

What is environmental volunteering?
There is no single definition as there are many ways to help the environment through volunteering. Basically, it is the act of dedicating a day or a lifetime of time and energy to benefit the environment directly or indirectly. This could mean getting involved in the field, educating others, or advocating for policy change.

OK. What will happen now?
The first thing to remember is that you can tell the difference. The next step is to determine which environmental issues are important to you and how you want to contribute your time. The best part about volunteering and Earth Day events is that they can and should be done year-round.

We hope we have provided ideas and resources to help you take the next step in protecting our environment, and have inspired you to get involved.


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