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Designed for you. (Influencer, Selebriti, Be your own boss, Youtuber, Twitter, Reporters, Journalists, Hotels etc.) Whatever job you do. Create your profile page using professional. Don’t just create.. Be aware of continuous updates by researching in detail. GET STARTED FOR FREE

Build yourself a better profile page than this one.

Just imagine. Make your dream come true. This is limited as shown. Design better so that it works for you. Address your audience best. GET STARTED FOR FREE

Become an influencer yourself.

You just made your dreams come true. By sharing a link, you can earn income by appealing to your audience as you wish. A partnership section has been opened in your account for details. Follow him.

What can I do with these advanced tools? Learn about updates.

You can follow the updates. Make sure you use all the features with a simple clean iProket platform. This will bring many successes in your business.

Creating a QR Code has never been easier.

Don’t just create. Remember, new things are added all the time. Example: ( If you are preparing a business card, add it on it, manage it dynamically, create a QR code if you share your Wifi wireless internet with your customers, add Whatshap, FaceTime, Cripto coins, Map location. If you are preparing events, do not forget to add them.)

Add by Creating Your Own Brand.

If you still have a domain brand that you currently use, it is now very easy to add it. Thus, all your projects, QR codes, Profile pages and other works that you have created on iProket will be gathered under your brand name. There is no need for an additional expense to be discovered. No need for a new site or a big platform. iProket is enough for you. Start building yourself now. GET STARTED FOR FREE

Design whatever you want without confusing hundreds of your projects.

By creating projects, you can easily manage all your works by gathering each of your separate jobs in a different category and under a different project. Stay tuned as we are constantly updating. New features are coming. If you wish, you can develop your projects jointly with your teammates. Remember, you need to set up your own team to activate this feature. You need to define the people in your team to your project. GET STARTED FOR FREE

Get started for free

Make your job easier by using many tools for free. Reach your target audience better. How?

If you want more features, mail us at the bottom.
If you want more features, mail us at the bottom.
REMEMBER, it is shaped according to your wishes.
Receive money from digital business cards specific to your business to many more payment points. Moreover, it is easier with one click.

You can use it all over the world.

Always ready to use and designed for you to use all over the world.

Select the language you want at the bottom.
Contact us for availability for your area.
It is easy to use and continues to be designed upon your requests.
Find out more by following all our accounts.

Use it safely

Always feel safe. Connect securely.

Links where you can reach your goals or customers safely
Security infrastructure that differs by region. (Don’t forget to turn it on)
Become a verified user. Request verification at any time.
Don’t forget to get the blue tick. Activate the blue tick in your profile that you created.

Bio link pages

Easily create your own unique and highly customizable bio link page.

Custom colors and branding
Multiple ready-to-use components
SEO settings
Password protection, sensitive content warning

Shortened links

Yeah! You can also use our service as a shortener.

Timing and expiration limits
Country, device and language targeting
A/B Rotation
Password protection, sensitive content warning

Built-in analytics

Daily analytics, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages ​​and much more.

QR Codes

Fully featured QR code generator system with easy to use templates.

Custom colors with gradient
custom logo
Vcard, WiFi, Calendar, Location..etc templates

The easiest way to categorize your managed resources.

tracking pixels

Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixel available.

Custom domains

Connect your own domain or use our predefined domains.


How about uploading your own content? It’s a good opportunity to promote your own content to the whole world. Do it in the best way what would you like to evaluate?

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