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Why should I use QR Code with iProket?ÔŁô

Created on 20 April, 2022 | Blog-En | 379 views | 2 minutes read

QR Code arouses curiosity. Curious about what is in that QR Code, suitable for organic human structure ??

Why should I use QR Code with iProket?

In areas limited by QR code, indefinite information, message, video and all kinds of content can be transferred.

You can access all kinds of details about the product, from the promotional video of the product to the user manual, only with the help of reading, in a magazine advertisement, on a billboard, in the store or on TV.

QR Code arouses curiosity. One wonders what is in that QR code, suitable for organic human structure. Guerrilla selection becomes an indispensable factor for advertising campaigns. With the right editing, it is possible to increase the level of curiosity and increase the returns.

With QR Code, everywhere is a showcase. When you combine it with the e-commerce application, every place where the QR code of your products is found is your showcase. From the wine served at the guest to the sweater that is not underestimated by a friend, your customers are now your living showcase.

QR Code is a successful sales representative. When you add it to a product in your store, it can suggest similar products, introduce colors and models that are not in your store stock, suggest suitable jewelry for the product, and take orders and deliver products that are out of stock to the address.

QR Code also identifies the path. By combining it with the Google maps application, it is ideal for new store promotions or for pointing out the location of existing stores. It identifies the address of the scanning customer from the place where they are located to the store.

QR Code is social. By connecting to all kinds of social media applications, customers can follow the brand, become a member of the site, send comments, and report complaints and joy.

QR Code enables creativity. It is a user-friendly marketing tool for Launch, Special Offers, sweepstakes and discounts. It is very effective in transforming the promotion into sales by being reinforced with interactive applications. From digital discount vouchers, event sweepstakes, and new product launches to product-of-the-day applications that get instant discounts and sales, the limit in creativity is only enforcer.

QR Code is cheap. Considering the results it brings, it is a very cheap marketing and promotion instrument. There is a lot of software on the internet that can use the application for free. Detailed applications that will use databases for large-scale retailers can also be created at very reasonable prices in terms of cost.

QR Code is durable. Unlike bar codes, 2D QR Codes can still be read and used even if they are worn, worn or even if their 3 points (Max) are pierced. In this respect, it is easy to apply especially outdoors or on sensitive products.

Updated on 28 February, 2023