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What Else Can Be Done With iProket QR Code?

Created on 1 June, 2022 | Blog-En | 463 views | 3 minutes read

What you can do with QR Code iProket is entirely up to your imagination.

Getting a tattoo with a QR Code?

How to make a tattoo on my arm with QR code?

Getting a tattoo with a code?

You can find all the answers here?

What you can do with QR Code is entirely up to your imagination.

You can promote your website with QR Code.

· You can make voice calls with QR Code.

· You can send SMS with QR Code.

· You can print a QR Code on a discount coupon.

· You can use the top of the shopping cart as a QR code advertising channel in a supermarket.

· You can promote your Facebook page.

· You can send an e-mail.

· You can print a QR Code on your business card.

· You can print QR Code on T-shirt.

· You can get a tattoo in the form of a QR Code containing your personal information.

· You can use a QR code to reach a landing page with real estate data in the real estate industry.

You can use it as a link to the product / campaign page on TV, magazines and billboards.

· In the new or used car market, you can reach your potential customers all information about the vehicle (model year, price, engine volume, mileage, fuel consumption) by scanning the QR Code.

· Your customers can access your venue's Wi-Fi password via QR Code.

You can direct to the event page by pressing the QR Code on the event tickets.

· Consumer by printing the QR code on a wine bottle; You can have instant access to a video that explains the history of the wine, the vineyard, the journey of the grape and the drinking characteristics of the wine.

· By using QR codes on movie posters in cinemas, you can enable viewers to connect to websites that contain comments and opinions about the movie.

· You can use it in your restaurant to get feedback.

· You can print on boarding pass cards of airlines or baggage tags for baggage tracking.

· You can use it to link to Google Maps address.

· If used on street signs, you can open a Google Map showing the neighborhood where the QR Code is located.

· By scanning the QR Code, you can go directly to an online bookstore that sells the book about a book.

· You can directly participate in a survey by scanning the QR Code.

· By scanning a QR code, you can get travel and tourism tips for any city and get help.

You imagine more. See what you can do to easily develop yourself with iProket.. ?

How about getting a tattoo?

It would be pretty cool. Moreover, even if your tattoo is permanent, you can now update it with iProket whenever you want. Your QR code will never be corrupted. Prepare QR code wherever you want. These codes will not be corrupted with greed, and you will be able to update whenever you want. Add what you want. Just dreams, lives. ? Adding the name of your loved ones.. ? How about adding the things you will love, crypto coins and many things you wish. Generate all QR codes. Print it the way you want or print it the way you want in the printing house. What comes to mind right now? ?

Come on, create yourself a Premium advanced QR code now. Don't be limited to just these. See what you can do.