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New features and maintenance repairs have been completed. ?

Created on 1 June, 2022 | Blog-En | 207 views | 1 minutes read

As an influencer, you can log in from your account section and create your own special link.. Only limited..

Innovations keep coming.

Now you can earn an easier income by sharing your own link. Tools that allow you to do things on Marketing have been added.

As an influencer, you can see how your earnings table has increased by logging in from your account section and sharing your special link. In order for you to follow all these processes in the most transparent way, do not forget to check it from the My Account section in the same way. You can determine the accuracy by taking continuous recordings.

Some minor bugs have been fixed in the language setting on the countdown timer and time clock. Now, if you are organizing your events, organizations, weddings, tour trips, private tours, festivals with peace of mind, do not forget to use this feature in many activities that come to your mind.

These tools, which enable you to reach your followers or large audiences, will make your work easier. Don't be limited to only what you will do in your dreams. Set the time, announce what you will do to the follower fans who will attend. Create registration form. Analyze all reports together. Download reports. Witness how it helps you grow your brand and effectiveness with iProket.

Added great tools for your wedding organizations by creating invitation lists. Now, everything was online and there were people who wanted to create a QR code for all the guests. Our answer is already clear. Of course you can create.

It's very easy with just one click. You can print them all if you wish. Or, you can update the message you want by adding QR codes on the invitations. Buddha, you can look at a lot of information, from who joined you to who came, statistically as needed. Don't be limited to just your dreams.

See you next update. Stay tuned. Add it to your homepage.

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Updated on 28 February, 2023