­čÄë Yaz ┼čenli─či ba┼člad─▒. ÔŤÁ Summer festival has started

Hello to summer ? The warmth of the sun ? ÔŤ▒

Created on 1 June, 2022 | Updates iProket | 515 views | 1 minutes read

Keep up to date again..

  1. The feature where you can adjust the social media sizes has been added again.
  2.    The blog section has been reorganized for some devices. The broken ones have been fixed. Revised.
  3.    Some minor bugs have been fixed by reworking it so that you can upload and add your own pictures, videos, designs you have prepared.
  4.    With more time clock features, it will automatically start and end automatically when you set the desired time and time. If you wish, publish your projects when you determine them. If you wish, unpublish it on the day you specify. What you can do is limited only by your dreams.
  5.    You can limit by countries, by devices, by your language and by other languages, by limiting widely for operating systems, you can publish and unpublish whenever you want. New features have been added.
  6.   Added the ability to reset your stats. This way you can start over. It has been added when requested for people who want to reach their goals better and wider. More is coming..
  7.   Not all of the other pages had this feature. These have now been added to these pages. Detailed users will immediately notice the difference.
Updated on 28 February, 2023